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Proyecto MAMAProyecto MAMAProyecto MAMA
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Our structural organization is made up of hired professionals, volunteers, local churches, and community leaders. This allows us to maintain a positive effect on the process of wholistic development where we are working

Below we detail the structures that supervise and facilitate the work of Project MAMA.

Executive Committee

This is the entity that represents the Nacional Council and which adminsters, directs, and orients the ministries of the Honduran Mennonite Church.

Social Outreach Ministry

This entity coordinates the social outreach of the Honduran Mennonite Church. It is made up of representatives from the Executive Committee and the presidents of the boards of each social outreach project of the church.

Linda de Robelo

Executive Director --Erlinda de Robelo

Board of Directors of Project MAMA

MAMA's Board of Directors is made up of five members of the Mennonite Church who are named to serve terms of two years, with posible reelection for a second term.

The Board of Directors meetes every two months to provide counsel to the Executive Director of MAMA and to develop strategies and policies for the institution.

Executive Director

The Executive Director is elected by the Board and the Social Outreach Ministry and the Social Outreach Ministry. The Executive Director is responsible for carrying out the policies and decisions recommended by the Board of Directors, as well as administering the development programs.

Yolanda López

Accountant --Yolanda López

Coordination Team

The Coordinatin Team consists of the coordinators of the various departments of MAMA such as the Education Program, Scholarship Program, Community Capacity-building Program, and the Administration.

The Coordination Team supports and gives feedback to the Executive Director. In this way this team helps to carry out MAMA's strategies in each community program.


From the very beginning, MAMA has depended on local and foreign volunteers. MAMA encourages volunteer participation from chruches and local communities in the areas of education, health, and disaster relief.

Organizational Chart

  • Executive Committee--Honduran Evangelical Mennonite Church
  • Social Ministries--Evangelical Mennonite Church
  • Board of Directors--Project MAMA
  • Executive Director
    • Administration
      Alejandra Perdomo

      Scholarship Coordinator --Alejandra Perdomo

      • Accountant
      • Office Assistent
      • Custodian
    • Education
      • Education Coordinator
      • Scholarship Program Coordinator
      • Students
    • Preschool Education
      • Supervisor
      • Volunteers
    • Special Education
      Patricia Rodríguez

      Special Education Teacher --Patricia Rodríguez

      • Special Education Teacher
      • Volunteers
      • Family School
    • Library
      • Librarian
      • Community Tutoring Team
      • Students
    • Computer Education
      • Volunteer Teacher/Manager of Computer Lab in the Ciprés
      • Students
    • Diakonia Farm
      Rosa Tróchez

      Preschool Education Supervisor --Rosa Tróchez

      • Volunteer Managers of the farm
      • Students
      • Assistent Laborer
    • Health
      • Health Committees
    • Emergency and Reconstruction
      • Builders
    • Comunication and Community-Building
      • Coordinator
    • Foreign Volunteers
      • Coordinator
Proyecto MAMA Proyecto MAMA

Proyecto MAMA Updated January 22, 2014

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