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MAMA looks for English student sponsors

Laboratorio de inglés
Laboratorio de inglés

The English lab has 14 computers equipped with Rosetta Stone and Skype

The new English program is now in operation in Asentamientos Humanos, 6 de Mayo, San Pedro Sula. The program benefits kids and young people ages 10 and up, and seeks to be self-sustaining. However, that means charging a price for the service that is inaccessible for some students. In order to not lose this important resource, MAMA is creating a scholarship program for students that show good aptitude and a desire to learn but are unable to afford the cost.

With a montly payment of US$12, you can support one student with a full scholarship or two students with half scholarships. MAMA will give scholarships to students with best performance on an entrance exam. The English program consists of three hours a week of instruction through the Rosetta Stone software and sessions with North American tutors through the internet or with a local North American volunteer.

We believe this program has a lot of potential to educate student, especially since English knowledge is very advantages in a competitive job market. If you would like to support us in this project, or want more information, please comunicate with us through the contact information provided on this site.

Proyecto MAMA Proyecto MAMA

Proyecto MAMA Updated January 14, 2009

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